The new self-paced ADW Companion was created to accompany the popular ADW | Profile assessment. It’s a great way to explore your Profile further and to delve deeply into your “why” — what helps you find meaning and purpose in your life and how you relate to yourself and others.

ADW | Companion + Profile

A Deeper Way | Belonging Initiative

Take your work to a deeper level.

Cultivate psychological safety, inclusivity, and belonging.

We have the opportunity to honor and protect another’s right to their Truth. In the midst of differences, discomfort, and fear, the pull for self-protection is strong. The pull to remain comfortable is enticing. Yet nothing will change if those with the capacity to bring change use their power to simply remain comfortable.

Over 8 billion dollars is spent annually on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, yet most fail. Our diversity program is based on research, deeply rooted in psychology, and acknowledges the deepest fundamental human need: to truly feel belonging, people need to feel psychologically safe.

A Deeper Way | Belonging Initiative is about taking the work of people professionals beyond the surface to drive long-lasting growth and development. The overarching framework of A Deeper Way posits that there is always more.

Knowing one’s strengths is important, and yet the human experience is so complex, so much so that realizing and accessing our potential, sustaining a sense of fulfillment, and ultimately showing up as our best as often as possible, requires a deepening of what we know about ourselves and others.

A Deeper Way Certified Facilitators become experts in the ADW Situational Identity Model and the ADW | Profile. Combined, they offer a framework for providing unprecedented insight into individuals and teams which then leads to more relevant, targeted, and meaningful change.

ADW | Profile

A global measure of personality, that measures 40 aspects of an individual’s personality. This one 20-minute assessment generates 7 different reports that add value across multiple people-focused situations.

Situational Identity Model

Do you have a solid model with which to understand your clients? Having one is a top predictor of a coach’s success. Our model provides a simple framework for understanding the complexity of people.

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